German Food in Lekki and Tasting Menus

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Last weekend, we posted a couple pictures from Kwame Onwuachi's RSVP takeover - a 7-course tasting menu. 

A tasting menu is a collection of small portions of several dishes served by a restaurant as a single meal. It is not supposed to have "regular" sized portions by design

 One picture, in particular, caused a shambles on our Twitter

CORN - Torched corn, toasted gari, veloute

If we told you this was the most filling item on the menu, you'd probably not believe us, but it was. So, you had to pour the veloute (in the white cup) in your bowl. The veloute was thick as hell. Very pap-y in the consistency. 

German Food in Lekki

European expats haven’t left much of a dent on the Lagos dining scene. Actually, non-Indian/Lebanese expats haven’t left much of a dent at all. You could perhaps explain it by attributing it to the transient nature of their stay in Lagos. You’d have a point too, but that doesn’t make it any disappointing. That's all from us this week. 
Jaeger Schnitzel mit Spaetzle

So imagine our surprise when we found out there was a German spot in Lekki. You can read our full review HERE.

#DrinkLagos: The House

This week on #DrinkLagos, Christina checked out The House

Generally, we loved The House for various reasons especially the level of care it imbibes. The owners are always on ground and no business has ever suffered for that. Although for a House you’d expect to see less staff standing around like bodyguards, you do not want the appearance that you have more employees than guests. 

There's no Happy Hour, but The House is great for pre-drinks so you should give it a look this weekend.

What to Do This Weekend

  View this photo on Instagram.  

chef_benedict The supper club is happening this Friday and Saturday 08:30 pm, book your spots!!! Experience a gourmet 4 course Italian meal with welcome prosecco and lots of wine
This week we are playing with Game (see what I did there😏)
Antilope and pidgeon softened with fruits and other tropical flavors while staying true the Italian culinary art, it's going to be a great experience .
For reservations call 08184484168, Dm, or email


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