Lagos is NOT Celebrating Cinco De Mayo, Sigh


How did we have a public holiday and still have the week drag on for this long? Anyway, we move for the next one - Democracy Day! 

Here's the TL;DR from the blog this week. 

Cinco De Mayo

Far fewer restaurants than we anticipated are offering any Cinco De Mayo specials tomorrow. For the uninitiated, Cinco De Mayo is only the the most commercialized Mexican "holiday" that exists. If you’re a Lagos establishment claiming to be a Tex Mex restaurant, you really shouldn’t be skipping out on Cinco De Mayo

Looking at you, Crossroads. 

Anyway, the serious people that are hosting events are: El Padrino and Bottles.

Plantain Lasagna...Yay or Nay?

If you think Nigerians invented plantain lasagna, you're definitely wrong. Pastelón is a Puerto Rican version of lasagna. Instead of noodles, they use fried sweet plantain slices. SAFI, to our knowledge, is the only place you can get plantain lasagna in Lagos. Except your kitchen, of course, if you throw down like that. 

Here's what we thought about it.

Orchid House is in VI., You Can't Blame The Trailers Anymore

Before there was ThaiThai, there was Bangkok and Pattaya. Bangkok is gone forever and Pattaya describes their meals as "Chiomalistic" so that's obviosly DOA. Thankfully, now there's Orchid House. Nosa ordered the pineapple fried rice based on Tumblr. (Folly: Yeah, beats me too). We thoroughly enjoyed it, read the full story here

That'll be all from us this week.

Have a lovely weekend!

Nosa & Folly