A New Lebanese Spot on the Island: Salma's


It's been a quiet week on the blog this week. Real life caught up with us, but we did manage to squeeze in a review this week. 

We checked out Salma's, a new Lebanese spot in Victoria Island. They share a "compound" with Cactus, but the parking isn't the best. 

The food is as good as Lebanese food gets, but it might be a bit of an acquired taste because the flavor profiles are widely different from what Nigerians like. That said, if you've already been introduced to Lebanese food, you'll love it. 

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Lagos chefs getting in the lunch business

This week, Chef Imoteda and Chef Benedict announced lunch offerings. I wonder if this is the start of a larger trend for Lagos chefs. Maybe we'll get a Chef Fregz lunch service in the near future. It feels like the logical step before opening up a physical location in Lagos.

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That'll be all from us this week. 

Have a great weekend!

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