The tacos at Bottles are exactly what you want this weekend

Hello Friend!

How's it going? Pretty fun week on the blog with a bunch of revisits. First on the list...


We checked out the recently renovated Bottles and met a couple surprises. The menu got a bit of a facelift like the space and, even more surprising, they serve+deliver pizza. We'll keep our comments on the pizza till next week. For now, check out what we thought of the tacos (the email subject already gave it away).

Three Amigos

For our next revisit, we checked out...

My Coffee Lagos

The first time we visited My Coffee, we were probably the only Nigerians in there for like 4 hours. It was almost like every expat in Lagos got the memo but the locals got left out lol. A lot has changed since then.

The Caesar Salad is GREAT

 My Coffee now has a couple more locations across the island, including a magnificent space at Wings. They've grown a bit into the menu and fleshed things out a bit. The owner's real face (read: Ukrainian) has come out. You can read it for yourself HERE

Don't take pictures at Pat's Bar

Christina got into it a bit with the manager at Pat's bar. Apparently, taking pictures at Pat's Bar are an absolute no-no. The cocktails treated her a bit better though.

What to do this weekend

Chef Benedict's Supper Club 

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The Sunday Roast Club

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National Gin Day

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And that's it from us this week. 

Have a great weekend!

Nosa & Folly

PS: Use the bot today and don't be a terrorist.