JOLLOF is back!

Hello there!

We have exciting news!

JOLLOF is back!

Eat.Drink.Lagos and Kitchen Butterfly are hosting JOLLOF again and it promises to be even better than the first.

This year's theme is “Jollof…and other things” and it definitely will be more than just Jollof, but the most amazing Nigerian-Inspired cuisine in different forms by the best vendors in town!

Nigerian Cuisine is definitely more than what it is portrayed as and at JOLLOF, we are going to give it the credit it deserves. At JOLLOF, there will be variety of food vendors expanding the scope of Nigerian food and drinks to include all types of food and not just Jollof inspired meals like last year.

Agbalumo-flavoured Gelato. 

Scent leaf pesto.

Think fancy names, but created with locally sourced ingredients. That's what JOLLOF is about this year. 

In addition to delicious goodness that awaits you at JOLLOF, this year the team is introducing a new category of vendors - The Artisan Vendor - they will provide your tastebuds with homemade, locally sourced and speciality products. From homemade granola to craft beer, vendors in this category are independent crafters who create homemade, locally sourced, specialty products. Homemade crafters in Lagos face lots of challenges in getting to their product to market. With no physical location, that gets a lot harder. At Jollof, we’d like to get vendors like this in front potential paying customers and create a channel for long term relationships.


See you soon!