World Cup 2018: Nigeria vs Argentina Viewing Party with Eat.Drink.Lagos

World Cup 2018: Nigeria vs Argentina Viewing Party with Eat.Drink.Lagos

Posted by Nosa O on June 25, 2018

Our first match might have been a massive disappointment, but our Super Eagles more than made up for it in the second game vs Iceland. We don't think we've enjoyed a Nigerian football game like that in a very long time.

Croatia have already qualified and would need a remarkable collapse to finish anywhere but top. The race for second is complicated. Nigeria will definitely qualify if they beat Argentina; if they draw, they will still go through provided Iceland do not beat Croatia, or win by more than a two-goal margin. If Iceland and Argentina both win, it would come down to goal difference, with Argentina needing to win by at least one more goal than Iceland to overhaul them. A draw is no good to either of them.
— The Telegraph

The win means Nigeria has a very good chance of making it out of the group.

Just one point and we're good. 

Nigeria can qualify with a draw or win against Argentina if Iceland lose or draw against Croatia
— Sky Sports

We play Argentina who have one of the greatest players in the history of football in Lionel Messi. No pressure.

No pressure at all. 

There's hope, however. Apparently, the Argentine camp is in utter disarray. The players don't seem to like the coach and word on the street is that the players will be picking the team/tactics by themselves. If the Super Eagles are going to get that much needed point, we'll have to keep hoping the Argentine shambles goes on for another game. 


Oh well. 

Come join us tomorrow evening as we cheer on the Eagles after work. 

Super Eagles 3.PNG

Sadly, the barbeque was regretable the last time so we have much better food and drink specials. 

All pizzas are on special offer at N2500 each, sangria carafes will be N2000 (serves 4 glasses), and a dozen wings at 2k even. 

Win, draw, or lose (God forbid!) we're ending the night with shots in honor of Ahmed Musa, so come through!

EDL Weekender: Spreads Everywhere

Posted by Folayemi A on June 22, 2018

Very short week thanks to our Muslim brothers, but no watch party today because we still work for The Man. If we win though, expect one next week. 



Spotify version of the playlist HERE



Spreads by Heels In The Kitchen

In the spirit of supporting our faves, we thought we'd share a little something new from Chef Imoteda and Heels in the Kitchen.

PNG image-20CB5A0380CB-1.png

You'll need to place your orders two days in advance. We deliver! Call 08188689274 or email

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PNG image-3CA32F484FEF-1.png
PNG image-FD6BD0977D95-1.png
PNG image-45FD3F1F6759-1.png
PNG image-3946BD535CE2-1.png


Sunday Roast Club

The second edition of the Sunday roast club this Sunday come through and enjoy an amazing spread at 13k per head !!! #sundayroastlunch #lekki #lagos #lunch #lunch

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Watch Nigeria take on Iceland at NOK

If you’re getting off work early and/or don’t want to stream on company internet, NOK is hosting a watch party for the Iceland game. After the Argentina loss last night, we NEED this win. Go Super Eagles!

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-21 at 10.32.45 AM.jpeg

Budweiser Light Up Parties

Join Budweiser as they #LightUpTheWorldCup with awesome parties around Lagos. Come grab a bottle of Bud and watch the game

Bud 1.jpg
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