Drink Lagos: Brass & Copper

Drink Lagos: Brass & Copper

Posted by Folayemi A on Feb. 13, 2018

Brass & Copper at The Good Hair Space

1 Olubunmi Owa Street, Lekki Phase One, Lagos

0908 135 5555


Brass & Copper is quite a catchy name for a bar. I’d like to think that a bar adopting two metals would fire up the right cells in my brain; whatever that means. However, it could also be challenging to maintain a magnetic customer field.

Pun intended.

brass and copper lekki

After listening to poetry all evening, heaven knows my soul needed a spark. Of course, a drink, on a Saturday night, at 9 pm was it!

Brass and Copper shares its space with the popular London hair brand - Good Hair. It’s also owned by the same company. If you suffer from post-IJGB blues, you’d be thrilled to have a little London in town. The building is an L-shaped structure for a reason.

brass and copper bar 1 brass and copper bar 2 lekki

I felt ordering the Brass and Copper cocktail was the best way to test the brand. You don’t customize a drink without strong implications. Also, if there was ever a cocktail that represented two loving sisters who ventured to create something together, it's whipped cream in liquor.

Brass & Copper

Brass & Copper

brass and copper cocktail

Unfortunately, the Brass & Copper was such a letdown.

At first sip, it tastes like diluted baileys and cheap chocolate syrup with very little alcohol. I generally hate sweet cocktails because there’s always a chance for mixologists to overindulge more sugar. It makes sense for a business to get people high on more sugar and less alcohol. In the end, I battled with the taste in my mouth until it settled into something cough syrup-y, more or less.

I don’t think this was the best way to end a long day, it made me feel weird and bloated. You'd think that a drink named after metals would be hardcore, but this wasn't. If anything, it was headache inducing. 

Mai Tai

Mai Tai

My second drink was a Mai Tai — every cocktail lover’s favorite, probably after a mojito. I have had Mai Tais served in very interesting ways, but this one was just meh. I liked the cup it came in though. As for the drink itself, I honestly can’t remember much of the taste but citrus, melted ice, and some liquor I couldn’t taste.

I didn’t care much for it.

I just remember the bartender asking if it felt strong enough, adding an extra shot into an almost empty cup and me passing out on my bathroom floor from poor drinking choices. 

mai tai in lekki

The customer service at Brass & Copper was quite awful too. The performative servers refused to make eye contact and only cared about handing their menu back.

There was just one guy who cared. I don’t know, maybe he’s a night person. If you’re a sucker for customer service you might want to go during the day, it sucks during the peak period. They might claim to be open till the last person leaves, but I’m certain you’ll get thrown out with their eyes.

Brass & Copper may find it a bit challenging to maintain the success of its sister business — Good Hair. After all, bars are somewhat more complex than weaves. Given how amazing the vibe is and how it so easily teleports you to London, I’m hoping Brass & Copper gets better soon.

Christina is a TV and Film junkie who also spends an incredible amount of time reviewing skincare products she can barely afford.


Good for: Pre-Drinks – Groups – Late Night Drinks

Food: Full Kitchen

Happy Hour: No | Bottle Service: Yes | Wine: Yes | Beer: Yes



Mai Tai - N3000

Brass & Copper - N4000

Celebrate Fat Tuesday at NOK This Evening

Posted by Nosa O on Feb. 13, 2018

Read a story earlier this week about some North African startup wanting to bring bike sharing to Lagos. Like, not a different Lagos, but this un-walkable Lagos we're all dying in.

What a joke. 

A shame because Lagos is so rich in culture and tradition that we can definitely pull things like Mardi Gras off. Not Mardi Gras exactly, but thing like the Eyo Festival and the Lagos Carnival could be a lot bigger. 

Speaking of Mardi Gras, though, NOK is celebrating Fat Tuesday in Lagos today.

A Mardi Gras celebration in Lagos? Yes please! Nok by Alara is calling all the party people who dare to turn up this Fat Tuesday!
WhatsApp Image 2018-02-10 at 7.32.36 PM.jpeg
With bottomless cocktails, local games and good vibes Mardi Gras at Nok is where all your Fat Tuesday dreams come true!

Bottomless cocktails, eh? Sounds like perfect midweek rocks. Anyway, for more information call 09085614815 or email reservations@nokbyalara.com


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