Drink Lagos: Vellvett

Drink Lagos: Vellvett

Posted by Folayemi A on July 02, 2018

Vellvett Lounge & Bar

19B Idejo St. Victoria Island, Lagos

0706 633 333301 792 7922


So for our next review we decided to check out Vellvett and this was how I got trolled by the universe. I arrived on a Saturday night at 12:30am and the rest is history. Let’s just say for our Drink Lagos adventure this week, we went clubbing. 

If you haven’t heard, clubbing in Lagos is usually accompanied with some intense demons, asides the fact that my DSLR couldn’t get focus hence the “alte pictures”, another one was the effrontery to come as just women unaccompanied by men. We were stalled at the entrance by the bouncers who took about 13 minutes (whilst permitting other people in for obvious reasons) to interrogate the ‘reason’ we came to a ‘popular’ bar on a Saturday night. It was extremely infuriating.

After standing for ages, the couple at the bar felt bad for us and decided to leave. Even placing our order was quite an ordeal and after a lot of gesticulation and pointing  with the bartenders and selection of drinks from an iPad, our drinks arrived 25 minutes later probably due to the high influx of people.

 Left - Electric Lemonade. Right - Ginger O

Left - Electric Lemonade. Right - Ginger O

To start, we had the Electric Lemonade, a mix of blue curaçao, vodka, sugar and lemon juice. Vellvett’s Electric Lemonade was the perfect drink for a hot day (nights too as evident in Lagos), it was a combination of tangy and sweet, also strong! The beautiful thing about citrus based drinks asides being packed with vitamin c is how hydrating it feels in this climate. Maybe that’s the reason 5 Alive was a big thing before it became the game of highest sugar concentrate.

Blue curaçao’s fermentation process which uses the dried peel of Laraha citrus fruit (a bitter orange, only found in the island of curaçao and considered too bitter to be edible) definitely gave this drink a unique citrus palate. The vodka and lemon juice made it tangy to compliment its sweet undertone. I wonder if this recipe had sparkling water because there was a subtle fizziness that loosened all the hard stuff. By now I’m sure you’d have figured this was my favorite drink because it was.

I didn’t get all the components of the Ginger O, but it had the Johnnie Walker gold label reserve alongside amaretto and muddled ginger. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was also a jalapeño or habanero tossed in somewhere because it was ridiculously spicy. Half way into drinking this I wanted to order the Electric Lemonade again. It was strong but I don’t think I’d ever want to have this again. I really couldn’t wait for it to end.



To round things up, we had the popular Cosmopolitan mainly because it’s been a while  sinceI had this, and wanted to compare it with Ladi’s version from The House. It had the typical mix of vodka, triple sec, cranberry and lemon juice. It was a stronger version and alternated between sweet and sour quite well but all together, it wasn’t a memorable drink. 

Vellvett might be a popular place for fire playlist and rocks but I have explored better bars and on this note, it is not a place I particularly care for. My total rating could have been worse based on how the night started out but the Electric Lemonade and shots of Jägermeister saved the night, consequently Vellvett scores a fair point as opposed to an all bad score which it required.

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Good for: Nights Out.

Food: Full Kitchen

Happy Hour: No | Bottle Service: Yes | Wine: Yes | Beer: Yes



Ginger O - N3500 

Cosmopolitan - N3000 

Electric Lemonade - N3500  


EDL Weekender: Indian in Ilupeju and Mai Tais in Lekki

Posted by Folayemi A on June 29, 2018

Weekend is here and I guess we should all be grateful that we made it given everything that has occurred this week. Stay safe out there, guys. Don't let this country kill you. 



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Pan-Asian in Ilupeju

Yesterday, we posted about this amazing spot we found in Ilupeju, Gypsy's. The menu is two-pronged assault on your senses, one half is Indian and the other is Chinese. The portion sizes are ridiculous and it's super cheap. Definitely a Sunday brunch idea. 

Gypsy Sesame Pockets.jpg



Generation Y

Cancel everything! Get your dancing shoes out and save the date. We’re partying at @barbarlagos this weekend. Of course, there’s always something extra for our squad, “Its National Mai-Tai day”. Come experience variations and twists of a Mai-Tai the ECC x BarBar way.
Venue: Barbar, Cinnamon Garden Mall, Victoria Arobieke street, Lekki.
Date: Saturday, 30th of June
Time: 7PM-Late
— Eko Cocktail Club



Thank NOK It's Friday

TNIF is back and DJ Bristar is on the decks. Perfect way to get your weekend started. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 9.26.17 PM.jpeg
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