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Have you ever experienced fatigue from our industry? Or should I ask, have you experienced it in the past week? (not to mention the consumerist's nightmare days of sales have just passed...I don't even want to go there) I realized I somehow avoided speaking about sustainable fashion for days now and have very little interest today in all the same news coming through for this newsletter without major and promising big shifts. You know why? Because groundbreaking companies such as LUKSO - a blockchain layer for fashion & creative industries, BCOME -  sustainability impact tracking solution, - groundbreaking social network monitoring emerging trends - and many more, including CALA, Lablaco, Fabricant, are working on the background creating the real change here that takes time to manifest in our industry overall - the type of companies that change the whole blueprint of the industry, preparing the grounds for us to shift significantly in 2020. The important thing in this work is collaboration and clear communication between these companies leading the change - because alignment on the clear, mutual goal is a must at times like this. 

I keep speaking about conscious consumerism in general as a mindseft shift, and focusing on building the new fashion industry quietly is the only way to go for me in the next few months. I'm extending my pause in event production work as I'm offered to speak publicly more often these days. Many of the responsible fashion events that are being hosted are all recycling the same information over and over again - not to belittle the amazing panel organized by GreenHome 2 weeks ago that I moderated with the panelists from the most diverse backgrounds in and out of fashion: Deanna Ansara of Vincetta, Andnrea Reyes of FTC, Daniela Blanco of Sunthetics and Ogem Ornektekin of Petit Pas. We had a dynamic conversation about design and production using deadstock materials, community building and education as ground base activities for any brand that strives to bring change, astonishing facts showcasing the complexity of producing and recycling technological fabrics, and the importance of acknowledging the changing consumer patterns as we are awakening to the impact of this industry on our Planet. The photos above are from that panel event. 

Another event that made me very hopeful for the future of our industry is Karinna Nobbs' HOT:SECOND - a concept store in London showcasing what could be possible in the future we don't buy any new physical clothes but mend and re-use what we already have and only purchase digital versions of new garments to wear in the online world. Read two powerful roundups of this pop up published by Black Neon Digital and Forbes to see what my fellow fashion tech visionary Karinna Nobbs has created for us to help us imagine a possible future.


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Thursday, Dec 5

Zero Waste Practices & The Holiday Season

This workshop is for everyone and anyone who wants to be more sustainable, eco-friendly and overall consume less as a human. If you've given up plastic straws and carry a reusable water bottle but don't really know what else to do, this is the workshop for you! We will also focus on waste produced during the holiday season and what you can do about it! Price: $15 Location: Commons Cafe 388 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn

Friday, Dec 6

Sustainable Fashion Circle Holiday Party! Portraits and tech launch partnership

Join fellow sustainable fashion folks at the beautiful Remade in Brooklyn space for a holiday party! Drinks, snacks, conversations, and holiday portraits in front of our custom painted nature mural. Come see your friends and meet more! We are kicking off 3 weeks of reuse and remaking programming in this space and are excited to invite SFC to be among the first to visit! Cory Skuldt, a leading circular apparel strategist and consultant, will speak about the current state of the circular fashion economy and what she sees happening in the future. Price: Free Location: Remade in Brooklyn

663A Driggs AveSaturday & Sunday, Dec 7 - 8

12-7pm Gold Dust Event

Gold Dust is a two-day pop-up wholly dedicated to showcasing vintage and repurposed goods as essential to our sustainable future. Panels on clothing post-production, textile recycling, and wearing a zero-waste wardrobe, hosted by industry leaders. Workshops run by best-in-class makers and craftspeople, focused on repair, embellishment, and other ways to breathe new life into loved objects. A carefully curated vendor list to offer customers elevated and diverse merchandise of the highest quality. Price: $15-20  Location: The William Vale, 111 N 12th Street, Williamsburg Brooklyn

Thursday, Dec 12

7:00pm Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it)

The planet is in ecological crisis: we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event this planet has experienced. Scientists believe we may have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown. This is an emergency. In this public talk, climate speakers from Extinction Rebellion will share the latest climate science on where our planet is heading, discuss some of the current psychology around climate change, and offer solutions through the study of social movements. Price: Free Location: Space2Meditate 28 West 27th Street #7th floor

Wednesday, Dec 18

Finding Our Inner Anna Wintour with a Zine Making Party

Zine, the magazine of self, that is the DIY of all DIYs, expressing passions from all walks of life. Something that may look like a homemade booklet with doodles, can bring like minded people together, witnessing the expressive art work of a fellow human being. The theme of the night will be, human spiritual and mindful futurism. We will take a moment to look into what the future holds. What will we look like in 3007? Will there be such things as churches or temples? Will we even be here? Is yoga going to be done in our minds and we still burn the calories? Is SUPREME going to be on everything? Will Anna Wintour still be telling us what to wear? Price: Free Location: New York City Baha'i Center, 53 East 11th Street

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