NYC BLOCKCHAIN WEEK: Balanced Fashion Event - Blockchain for Circularity & Transparency in Fashion on May 13th

Dear Friend,

This is a quick email announcement about my upcoming Balanced Fashion Event on Tuesday, May 13th I'm hosting a Balanced Fashion event in NYC's beautiful conscious coworking space, The Assemblage Nomad. The event will be focusing on the topic I am very passionate about: The Future of Blockchain for Circularity & Transparency in The Fashion Industry

Blockchain is set to reinvent industries that are still using expired technologies and engaging in business practices that are no longer sustainable for our planet. The key benefit of blockchain technology is that it distributes data storage across multiple points and secures each transaction, which provides total transparency and automatic fraud protection. This technology goes hand in hand with expanding the consciousness of Humanity at the accelerated rate.

I strongly believe that blockchain technology is going reinvent the fashion product cycle by providing transparency and traceability of the supply chain, helping maintain digital wardrobes and boost the emerging sharing economy, securing IP rights and authenticity for fashion designers, enabling efficient omnichannel communications, providing novel ways of funding collections... in other words - provide faster and more efficient ways for brands to move further towards sustainable supply chain and embrace the circular economy. I'm hosting a talk with Neliana Fuenmayor, founder of A Transparent Company and Fabian Vogelsteller, founder of LUKSO. 

Join us at The Assemblage Nomad for a conversation on Blockchain for Circularity & Transparency in Fashion Industry to learn more about the way Blockchain can bring many upgrades to the fashion system and make it more circular, transparent and sustainable for our Planet. 

Topics we will cover:

  • The new era of transparency in fashion, purpose, and trust
  • Shifting mindset - from linear to circular
  • Incentives to be trustworthy: decentralization and transparency
  • Blockchain, smart contracts, and other technology for transparency
  • Standardization and common language for the new technologies
  • Smart labels and consumer feedback
  • Circularity in fashion: Recycling, upcycling and sharing economy

Space is very limited, get your tickets here. The proceeds from this event will be split between the Assemblage and Balanced Fashion, and will support me in completing an Open Source database for circular business development in fashion. Hope I can count on your contribution and will see you next Monday at The Assemblage for the event!

Stay Inspired,

Nataliya Makulova 
Founder of Balanced Fashion, Conscious Fashion Tech Consulting Agency
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