About NOIR Terrace


Weekend is here and we couldn't be happier because Lagos is the worst. From traffic to bank branches, everything is set up to frustrate you.


This week on the blog, we checked out the terrace at NOIR

The interior is built like an old school gentlemen’s club. Think cigars, leather sofas, men in suits, and some jazz music. There was no jazz music, cigars or men in suits, but yeah, that’s the vibe it gives out.

When you read the post, it'll make sense. Read it HERE.

World Chocolate Day at Krispy Kreme

For World Chocolate Day, Krispy Kreme is serving a chocolate version of their original glazed donut. For every dozen of Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts bought on today, they'll give you a free half dozen of Boston Kreme doughnuts 

What to do this weekend

Le Brunch at The Harvest

The Breakfast Club at South

Wine Tasting at Four Points Brunch

And that's it from us this week. 

Have a great weekend!

Nosa & Folly

PS: Use the bot today and don't be a terrorist.