New Restaurant Alert: SABOR

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This week was all about the new spot on Adeola Hopewell: SABOR. We checked out the food, while Lala & Gbenga checked out the bar. 

We weren't too impressed with the food at SABOR. There's a lot potential, if we're being honest, but Nosa's burger had a little mould on it. And that's pretty bad. 

Mould is bad

But let's not ruin it for you, read the full review HERE.

Lala & Gbenga had a better time at the bar. Their take on the Gin & Tonic, in particular, is pretty fantastic. And Lala makes a pretty good point in their review, SABOR will make a great brunch spot. 

Anyway, read what they thought about the SABOR bar HERE.

Taste Test!

We were back in our studio last weekend making our first video of the year. A couple of friends came over and made them taste cheap and expensive champagnes. There is a CLEAR difference guys. Just watch the video, you'll see. 

What to do this weekend

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That's all from us this week. 

Have a great weekend!

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