Jollof & Other Things: Jollof is back!


Last year, we ran a little experiment with a themed mid year event with Jollof. After all the fun we had, we’ve decided to bring it back. But unlike last year, we’re opening things up a bit.

Last year, vendor menus had to be jollof inspired and while that was fun, repeating it would be a bit boring. This year, we’re expanding the scope to include all types of Nigerian-Inspired food. From agbalumo gelato to scent leaf pesto, we’re looking for vendors to come up with creative takes on Nigerian food and push the envelope a bit. Nigerian food is full of lots of rich flavors and textures, but for multiple reasons it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Let's change that at Jollof.

One more thing: we’ve added a new vendor category this year - the Artisan vendor. For us, vendors in this category are independent crafters who create homemade, locally sourced, specialty products. Think things like homemade granola or craft beer. In the past, we’ve been very partial to ready-to-eat vendors, but with Jollof, we’d like to change that. Homemade crafters in Lagos face lots of challenges in getting to their product to market. With no physical location, that gets a lot harder. At Jollof, we’d like to get vendors like this in front potential paying customers and create a channel for long term relationships.

For interested participants, we have created a detailed vendor information document with all the information you need. If there's anything we might have missed, or any other questions you might have, please do not hesitate to email


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Important Vendor Information