Injera in Lagos?


Does it count as a long weekend if Monday is not a public holiday too? No work is getting done on Monday so they might as well give us that day off too.

Wish they mistakenly declared it a public holiday and can't take it back so we'd have double the time off. Remember when they mistakenly did that once?

Oh well, here's an update on what we've been up to this week:

East African Cuisine at Kaldi House

Injera is spongy flatbread that's super popular in East Africa. Much like intra-African trade, there isn't a lot of cultural exchange within Africa. Minus Nollywood and P-Square obviously.  

Beef samosas

Ghana is literally next door and it's easier to find pasta from Italy than waakye in Lagos. A lot of work needs to be done on that and Kaldi House is a proper step in that direction. Full review HERE

The Outdoor Menu at Grill by Delis

The outdoor menu at Grill by Delis is great if you have lots of money and you’re looking for a nicer way to set it on fire. 
Lamb Chops

Sounds harsh, but that's really how we felt. The Lamb Chops, in particular, were an absolute mess. Tougher than the Nigerian hair Lil Wayne was referring to on that one song. The worst part? They don't even give you a steak knife. 


You can read the full review HERE.

Mojitos That Don't Suck

For #DrinkLagos, Christina checked out the bar at Shiro and she stumbles on what she argues is the best mojito in Lagos. 

Shiro’s version was solid with quality rum; fresh mint and potent notes of sugarcane, lime and apples which stabilized the sweet and sour palate of this cocktail. Its combination of sweet, citrus and mint flavors embodied the rum for easy passage. This is certainly the best mojito I’ve had in Lagos and all the Shiro bartender had to do was not cheat me.
The Secret Garden

Crazy talk, eh? Read what she thought of the other Shiro cocktails HERE.

That'll be all from us this week.

Have a lovely weekend!

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