The Sunday Roast Club

Hey There!

Long time, no Lunch Club, eh? Let's fix that.

Our good friend and #EatDrinkFestival regular, Chef Benedict, through his Lunch Con Benedict brand, is hosting Sunday Roast this weekend and we're helping out. 

If Benedict’s regular Supper Club is a bit out of the budget for you (24k is a bit steep for us struggling Lagos millennials), the Sunday Roast Club is more... accessible. Depending on how well this one goes, there might be more in future. Every fortnight, perhaps. 

If you're game, it's a millennial-friendly 12k/head and you make payments to:

Account Name: Benedict Okuzu
Account Number: 0029990879
Bank: Diamond Bank

As soon as you make a payment, hit us up for location details. 

See you there!

Nosa & Folly