Conscious Fashion Tech Update | Dec 2019 | TODAY - The Conscious Fashion Event at the Assemblage

Dear Friend,

Happy to announce that Veronica Cabezas, The Assemblage and I are hosting a Magical Holiday Market Experience TODAY at Assemblage John Street location in NYC. 

If you the kind of New Yorker who lives in the flow state & heart-centered consciousness, you MUST join this event if you physically can, it's an important activation for all my spiritually aware fashion family here in NYC. You'll feel like entering a completely new life, and you are so welcome here.

It's going to be such a beautiful, peaceful and healing space - my first ever time co-hosting something SO BIG in my favorite oasis in NYC and I'm excited to see you here all day. You are VERY WELCOME to join us anytime from 12pm! 

RSVP here - entry price is donation based! You're welcome.

See my personalized video invite to get the vibes of the event, it's fun to watch!

I know I'm sending this the DAY OF the event, past its registration start time and it's INTENTIONAL. Because as New Yorkers, it's healthy to practice living in the flow state and be drawn what really MATTERS to us. So, let's dive deep together, I know many of us are ready. You are so invited to join our movement of deep-dive healing and higher consciousness, combined with a grounded approach to creating an impact-driven business environment... 

This experience we've put together is the most unique conscious fashion event I've ever seen in my life and I've been to A LOT of different events in the conscious/spirituality space. On my list of all fashion and consciousness events - this one is a MUST GO, and not because I'm co-organizing it.. because it resonates as TRUTH energetically. Also, check out this location - how lucky we are to have The Assemblage John Street host us:

I look forward to you discovering the whole program, especially the experience Allpamamas put together for us, facilitated breathwork to help us think clearly, New York City's top-notch cacao ceremony by Cacao Lab, and the panel I'm leading at 6:15 pm on the FUTURE of Conscious shopping with ethical fashion brand founder Vanessa Alarcon, influencer Thania Peck, designer Bonnie Young, and ethical celebrity chef Grace Ramirez. We are going to speak about the current state of the fashion industry and a huge cultural shift that we are all experiencing, note what are current ways we can practice conscious consumerism, and contemplate on the future of shopping and the way we'd like to see fashion industry develop.

You are so welcome to join anytime today! I especially look forward to seeing you and connecting with you after my panel.



  • 12PM Registration and access to The Assemblage co-working space
  • 12PM-6PM Experiential exhibit of Allpamamas Winter Collection featuring garments as wearable art
  • 4:00PM to 5:00PM Breathwork Meditation by Yuj Arquetype
  • 5:00PM Conscious Holiday Market opens
  • 5:00PM - 6:00PM Elixirs class and tasting, donation-based private Astrology Readings
  • 5:15PM - 5:40PM Cacao Blessing Ceremony to set intentions for 2020 by Cacao Lab
  • 6:00PM - 6:15PM Centering Meditation by Primavera Salva and Music by Oriel Poole
  • 6:15PM - 7:15PM Panel discussion and Q&A
  • 7:15PM - 8:15PM Networking, Conscious Holiday Pop up Market, Astrology readings and Elixir Bar sponsored by Tonic Vibe


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Update on this section: I'm no longer going to be curating events in this newsletter... yes, I know - the whole concept of this newsletter started with the idea of featuring events over 4 years ago... I've come to the place in my career I can no longer sustain this authentic and never commercial list of events and stay focused on what matters to me at the present moment. With several new big clients, I'll send a separate update later on how this newsletter is going to transform.

For now, check out the full list of upcoming events hosted by my friends at New York Fair Trade Coalition HERE, sign up for the NYFTC membership here. It's time you commit, they have the most professional and welcoming community.

And one of the most progressive events are hosted by/at The Canvas by Querencia and by MOR.

TODAY, Wednesday, Dec 18

12pm - 8:30pm Sustainable Holiday Market Experience

Step into a unique immersive experience this Holiday season and spend the day learning, experiencing and activating your senses. Find gifts for family and friends in a curated market of co-creators offering artisanal apparel, personal care products, handcrafted gifts, art, festival treats and more! You’ll have the opportunity to better understand and interact with the energy of the fabrics you wear through experiential activations, taste and learn how to prepare exotic botanical elixirs, get a 1 on 1 intuitive Astrology reading, and access a range of wellness offerings throughout the day—including sound meditation, breath work and more to come. Closing out the evening, participate in a lively conversation with leading advocates of the sustainability movement about the power of our individual and collective consumer choices. THIS IS GONA BE EPIC. Come!! Price: Donation-based Location: 17 John Street


  • So many shifts are undergoing with the deepening I'm intuitively drawn to take Balanced Fashion + this newsletter + my life... so stay tuned for deeper updates & lots of WORDS coming from me in the future...
  • For more curated events, reach out to Gabriela of ConsistsOf, she's NY-based amazing conscious fashion events & trends spotter!
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  • Sign up for Vogue's new Sustainability Edit because my Balanced Fashion list is evolving into something more.. new. More to come on this in the next newsletter edition.
  • Experience Pierre Cardin exhibition at Brooklyn Museum (open until Jan 5th!)
  • Check out and follow Neonyt, the sustainable fashion trade show in Berlin. They have a fantastic database of the most authentic brands in the "sustainability" movement
  • Watch The Twelve Documentary - stream it for free here and get instantly grounded and upgraded spiritually

Love you all, thank you for Being the Reader who Opens this Email. Your time and attention are so much appreciated.

Stay Inspired,

Nataliya Makulova 
Founder of Balanced Fashion, Conscious Fashion Tech Consulting Agency
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