2020/2021 Digital Shamanism Work Review by Nataliya.ai

Friendly Friends, 

How have you been dear ones? Balanced yet? Still checking emails? 

This one is simply a new Medium Post announcement. I do not post on Medium so often these days, but when I do I MEAN IT.

Much of our latest communications work can be viewed via our Balanced Culture Notion page. I share a lot there, super-duper transparently. Just editing whenever I feel like and seeing where my communications bring us!

So without further ado, here is the latest public post sharing on what's been happening in my Newlife work in 2020 & 2021, aiming define what Balanced Culture is about in the most authentic, vulnerable, and transparent way possible.

Decided not to hard copy-paste it here for privacy reasons. I Gotta follow my body clues whenever I get those!

Lost of love, and see you in 2022! 

Most likely.

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