New Fashion Update | Feb 2020 | Back at It. Transformed.

Dear Friend,

I'm back from newsletter hibernation.

Here's a whole Medium Post I wrote with a detailed report pointing to why I haven't sent out this email in the past 2 (!!!) months, even though this newsletter has been the most consistent thing I've done since early 2016. 

It's time for transformation. This email has always been transforming along with me, I've never had anyone but myself send it out, even though I've had community members help me bring the curated lists together. The time has come for me to tell you the truth: I don't enjoy emails any more as much and generally prefer texts, Telegram channels, and social media that are easily accessible on my phone & tablet. In the future, I intend this email to be going out approximately every other week, but there's no guarantee because I'll be following my intuition on how often and when my curated collection will need to go out. 

A lot has happened in the past 2 months and a lot more is still brewing. I'm currently in NYC so hit me up if you'd like to drop in with me at The Assemblage and explore the future of the Fashion Industry we're weaving together or chat about other deeply conscious impact-driven projects. Fashion is my current focus playground, however, after traveling and following my intuition during my spiritual transformation in the past 3 years as I left the corporate world of fashion tech startups, I got connected with multiple tribes of change-makers around the world shaping the New Reality together, unified by Deep Spiritual Wisdom and grounded into action based on UN's SDGs, with our Collective Goals in minds. And my life's Higher Vision emerged from there for both my company, Balanced Humanity (Balanced Fashion is the branch) and this newsletter, followed by top executives routed the Future of Fashion Movement from its start-up stage around 5 years ago. We used to call this movement fashion-tech, but in reality, it was a preview of what we're experiencing today: mindless application of technology, focused around the outdated consumerist paradigm, confusion, and anger, lack of holistic direction and kindness... more about this in the next chapters marked for this newsletter in 2020... So much beauty is brewing, so glad you're with me on this journey! Thank you for reading and supporting me all along, it's been quite a ride and I've ALWAYS been honest with you about it, so thank you for your continued support and these consistently sky-high open rates!! 


Here's a summary of my recently published long read on Medium, where you'll see what's been brewing on my side in the past months:

  • This newsletter will go on but in a different format - more free-flowing, more yin, more new, "spiritually integrated" me.
  • - soft-launched in July 2018 - it's a holistic brand where I mark objects, companies, projects, individuals from my Global community, whose energy is purely focused on our Humanity's Collective Ascension. In that Higher Goal in mind, I offer private spiritually-rooted hacking sessions for businesses - more info here. Yes, it's pure psychic work and I embrace it. When I say I work from the future I don't overexaggerate - we co-create from the best possible timeline in 2030 where our Planet had gone through a consciousness upliftment along with the technological transformation. AI in stands for Ancient Intelligence, inspired by Azrya Cohen's initiative. The Mark you see everywhere is an energetic blueprint for Unconditional Love & Light Frequency, it means aliveness and joy of existence, releasing old patterns and following our Heart and playfully diving deeper into the New and Unknown. Follow/DM me on Insta to find out more if these words resonate with you.

  • Balanced Fashion has transformed into a creative communications agency where we set to co-create a blueprint of what it means to LIVE in the FUTURE OF FASHION INDUSTRY. We weave our friends’ & other energetically aligned companies in the overall story of our Balanced Fashion’s collective network of Global Trendmakers’ communications. We also work with tech companies in the conscious fashion sector and point out where their technology solution is best applied in the industry that is transforming so rapidly.

Listen to the Spirit of 608 podcast interview featuring a younger version of me - a blast from the past from 2018, made for NOW - because what I shared there is still relevant for many of us, the conscious fashion tech newsletter followers, very much so. It's about the beginning of my journey of merging fashion, business & spirituality.

Since August 2019 I've joined created by the best dressed visionary technologist I got to know, Vector Newman. I have been walking my way towards aesthetically updating my conscious lifestyle on this decentralized creative social media platform, built on EOS blockchain. My role there is to authentically & aesthetically bridge spiritual wisdom, art, fashion and our post-spiritual awakening, upgraded, much healthier lifestyles and help us visualize what our collective future could look like in years ahead. It's a platform for us to intentionally launch BIG TRENDS in conscious aesthetics - and a safe space for artists and content creators to share our deepest work and ethically get paid for it. It's not the "next social media network", it is THE ONLY platform for our collective co-creation going forward. Remember those words and join now, while we still consider this as an early-adopter stage, although we are growing exponentially. Ask me direct questions about it if you want to know more or read about Newlife's vision herehere and here. Join our Telegram chat if you feel extra geeky-naughty. JOIN the platform here by downloading the app and signing up using the invite code: nataliya. Yes, it's invite-only and cool af. If you are reading this you are ready for it and very welcome to join and co-create our LOVELY future. 

This month I've launched NMVP — Nataliya’s Minimal Viable Podcast, where I talk about spirituality in the most digestible way possible. It’s an experiment. Available on YouTube, Telegram (if you're on the list) and Instagram TV. Deep dive episodes to come! Stay tuned, sign up for my YouTube channel or follow my Insta stories to be notified of my weekly fresh podcast episodes drops.

Not to overwhelm this newsletter with high energy updates (as if I haven't already) - informing you about my involvement as an ambassador of PAWA, the Future of Ancient Intelligence conference happening for the first time on March 20-21, 2020 in San Francisco. More info & tickets here, DM me if this resonates and if you'd like to know more. The music artist Sting will be speaking on it if this rings a bell for you. 

Finally, dropping the announcement here that I’m marking, digitalizing & blockchaining my whole closet, art, and other essential possessions to promote the circular economy and the fact that we are ALL becoming walking shops. Yes. Later this year, I aim to minimize my closet to 33 items and keep it that way, while rotating the pieces via voting with my wallet for the conscious future of fashion, participating in swaps & indulging second-hand shopping from time to time. Every item that I approve of and wear/use will be marked with my signature symbol. The vision is that in the near future EVERYONE will become a store, a designer, a brand, an influencer… the lines between retail, wholesale, second hand, digital and physical are blurring at intense speed and I’ve set an intention to authentically & unapologetically BE the change and mold the way in the circular economy by offering my whole closet for swap & sell in the future. DM me to know more, or wait for further updates in this newsletter.

Merch Drop on my profile - in the future it will available to purchase on

Aaaaaand, moving on to the Newsletter's second part of the main body... here we go. I had to go over the full backlog of hand-picked industry news from the past 2 months. Bear with me, it's the only time there has been SO MUCH to catch up on. This time including titles only embedded with links to experiment how you'd click through them considering the name of the publication are now gone... a bit less bias is healthy.




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                                                Love you all, thank you for Being the Reader who Opens and actually gets to THIS point looking at this Email. Your time and attention are so much appreciated. My emails won't be so long in the future I promise! :)

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                                                Nataliya Makulova 
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