Conscious Fashion Tech News & Events in NYC | 4.16.19 - 5.20.19 | Upcoming: Fashion Revolution Within Live Streaming + Blockchain Event

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Exciting things coming up in the upcoming several weeks! From Fashion Revolution week events to my Balanced Fashion Blockchain event - this newsletter will help you navigate through the NYC events scene and make the most educated decision on which events to attend. 

I wrote an article introducing fashion circularity for The Lead, a company that bridges the fashion & retail industry with the global Silicon Valley, empowering the industry's transition to digital centricity. Below is a sneak peek into this article:

If we want to see our planet operate properly, the classical, linear manufacturing model where waste at all stages ends up in a trash bin must become obsolete – across all industries. Circular economy in fashion terms means that products are designed with the end in mind, production waste is minimized and repurposed, and after the product is no longer needed by one customer, it can be reused by someone else, re-designed and, later, recycled into a new product.

There are multiple ways for fashion companies to “close the loop”.These methods include providing take back and recycling programs in stores, offering subscription, clothing rental and mending services, and educating customers on how to take care of their garments and how to properly dispose of them when they are no longer being used.

There are a number of startups in the circular fashion space that are working towards “closing the loop” with technology solutions, innovative business models and by providing new types of services. We’ve grouped them according to the three principles the circular economy is based on, as per the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Read further here.

Continuing the topic of circularity - check out the latest Fashion is Your Business podcast episode featuring Kristy Caylor, CEO of For Days. This super insightful interview that unveils the magic behind this circular membership-based basics brand. You will learn that by subscribing to this sort of "rental" model, used and no longer needed garments can be sent back to the brand, where they will be recycled and replenished. This is a completely new and innovative fashion business model, as no company before For Days has had the courage to take care of recycling in-house. And now they’re even extending this model to other businesses. Listen to the full episode here.

Balanced Fashion Events Announcements

On April 22 from 1pm till 2pm, in honor of Fashion Revolution Week and the #WhoMadeMyClothes movement, I will be streaming a live video titled, "The Fashion Revolution Starts Within", where I will share my journey of how I has transformed from a fashion-obsessed NYC girl into a conscious consumer and an advocate for the Global Fashion Revolution. Many people from my network know that I had to go through my own inner revolution process and reprogram deeply seated patterns that were contributing to the destruction of the Planet and operating from pain.

I will touch upon:

  • How I switched to the abundance mindset and now see fashion as a tool to promote the consciousness shift in our society
  • How I see that our companies and things we do are an extension of ourselves
  • How important it is to stay in the present moment to create the future that we want to see in the world.

Tune in to the live streaming to have a chance to ask me questions about my journey and explore my vision of the conscious future for the fashion industry.

Watch it via Facebook & Instagram Live on April 22nd at 1:30pm EST.

Artwork by Denis Sheckler

On Tuesday, May 13th I'm hosting an in-person Balanced Fashion event in NYC's beautiful conscious coworking space, The Assemblage. The event will be focusing on the topic I am very passionate about: The Future of Blockchain for Circularity & Transparency in Fashion Industry. Many of my readers know that I strongly believe that blockchain technology is going reinvent the fashion product cycle by providing transparency and traceability of the supply chain, helping maintain digital wardrobes and boost the emerging sharing economy, securing IP rights and authenticity for fashion designers, enabling efficient omnichannel communications, providing novel ways of funding collections... in other words - provide faster and more efficient ways for brands to move further towards sustainable supply chain and embrace the circular economy. The panel of experts that invited are going to shed light on the true value of blockchain technologies in the context of fashion. Excited to announce that Neliana Fuenmayor, founder of A Transparent Company will be among panelists at this event. More information is coming up about the event later this week, email me if you're interested to learn more and get notified when tickets go on sale. 



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      Wednesday, April 17th

      6:30pm Regenerative Tech

      With Becky Morrison (Founder, Globetops), Kate Frucher (President, New Energy Nexus), Rachel Steinberg (Sustainability Product Mgr, Sidewalk Labs), Henry Sztul (Head of BoweryOS & R&D, Bowery Farming). Price: Free Location: WeWork, 175 Varick St

      6:30pm Fashionably Tech: Panel |Access Labs 

      Come meet professionals who’ve successfully merged technology with beauty and fashion as they discuss harnessing creativity in tech at this dynamic panel discussion. Panelists will discuss their journey in tech, how they got started in Fashion & Beauty, and how their technical experience is used to push this creative industry forward. Price: Free Location: WeWork, 81 Prospect Street, Brooklyn

      6:30pm Regenerative Tech: Panel 

      Join us in conversation as we discuss moving away from the simple sustainability of our fractured world and damaged ecology, and towards a set of regenerative social practices that lead us to imagine an alternative future. We’ll be joined by representatives of some of the most influential organizations and companies in regenerative technology in New York City. This is your opportunity to ask them the difficult questions and gain perspective on how you can change the world. Price: Free Location: WeWork 175 Varick Street

      6:00pm Design Driven: NYC: Pentagram, Bonobos, Spacious, Luminary Media

      With Paula Scher (Partner, Pentagram), Tanya Malan (Dir. Product Design & UX, Bonobos), Tom Daly (Chief Product Officer, Spacious), Benjamin Running (Head of Design, Luminary Media). Price: Free Location: 55 Water St, Brooklyn 

      Saturday, April 20th

      11:00am - 8:30pm Sustainable Lifestyle Brand Showcase

      You are cordially invited to the Sustainable Lifestyle Brand Showcase, a curated showcase of six beautiful labels that are creating a positive impact with products for everyday life. Try on exquisite womenswear made by artisans in India and America and sample earth-friendly skincare handcrafted in Brooklyn. Discover 100% upcycled leather goods made by talented Brazilian makers, along with one-of-a-kind mother of pearl jewelry and home decor handmade in the Philippines. Price: Free Location: Pop up space, 198 Allen Street

      11:00am - 8:00pm FASHION REVOLUTION Clothing Swap Party X Mend, Repair, & Revive EVENT

      We’re kicking off Fashion Revolution Week with “swap and pop”. Join us as we gather with our expert makers and menders. Bring your gently used clothing; Women’s, Children’s, Men’s + Accessories. Swap them for items that are “new to you” or repair + revive your own items with help from our members. Price: Free: Location: The Children's Art Carnival 62 Hamilton Terrace

      Monday, April 22nd

      1:00pm - 2:00pm The Fashion Revolution Starts Within - Facebook & Instagram Live Stream with Nataliya Makulova

      In honor of Fashion Revolution Week and the #WhoMadeMyClothes movement, I will be streaming a live video titled, "The Fashion Revolution Starts Within", where I will share my journey of how I has transformed from a fashion-obsessed NYC girl into a conscious consumer and an advocate for the Global Fashion Revolution. Many people from my network know that I had to go through my own inner revolution process and reprogram deeply seated patterns that were contributing to the destruction of the Planet and operating from pain. Learn more by joining the free live stream! Price: Free Location: Facebook & Instagram

      7:00pm - 9:00pm Stylishly Sustainable: A Panel Discussion in New York

      In honor of Earth Day, we’re challenging you to step up your fashion game. Three panelists from New York-based, sustainable brands will join us at our bar and game lounge, FISHBOWL, to share their thoughts on fast fashion, eco-friendly practices, and what they’re doing now to shape (and protect) the future of fashion. Moderated by Tara St. James, Founder of Study NY and Advisory Board Member at Fashion Revolution USA, this panel discussion will tackle the biggest questions surrounding fashion and sustainability, as well as offer tips for shopping, sourcing, and styling sustainably. Following the panel, stick around for drinks to mingle with the designers themselves and shop their brands. Price: $8 Location: Dream Midtown 210 W 55th St

      Tuesday, April 23

      12pm - 6:30pm Earth Day NYC Fair

      This annual outdoor Earth Day celebration is free and open to the public and it's also the most highly-attended Earth Day happening in the country. The special day will feature a live art installation where artists will paint large-scale canvases with environmental themes relating to the Green New Deal. There will also be an Earth Day Action Center where guests will learn simple ways to make a positive green impact in their lives and they'll be invited to share their own sustainability stories. Price: Free Location: Union Sq, E. 17th and Broadway

      6:30 - 9:30pm Fashion Revolution USA Roundtable Discussions

      Hear from key leaders in the human rights, environment and governance spaces about how the fashion industry impacts these fields. More info is coming soon. Price: $15 Location: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge 60 Furman Street Brooklyn

      Thursday, April 25th

      6:00pm - 9:00pm Building a Better Fashion Industry | Fashion Revolution Week

      Come join THR3EFOLD for our 3rd annual panel and pop up party to connect with other fashion industry professionals, shop new conscious fashion brands and learn practical ways we can create a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry in 2019. Price: $20 Location: Centre for Social Innovation 601 West 26th Street #325

      6:30pm - 9:00pm Future of Fashion: It's Time for a Revolution

      Join us for an immersive evening of conscious fashion marketplace and rich panel discussion, in honor of Fashion Revolution Week and the #WhoMadeMyClothes movement. We're bringing together leading minds in the fashion industry to discuss the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry, consumer behavior, and most importantly where we’re headed. With more than 90% of CEOs saying that sustainability is fundamental for success, it’s clear doing good is good for business — yet why do so many brands struggle to do this effectively? We’ll explore different methods leading brands are utilizing to successfully weave their purpose-driven ‘sustainable’ story into the fabric of their brands and the impact it can have on consumer loyalty and the bottom line. We’ll dive into other tips and takeaways for utilizing technology and other business solutions to make a positive impact in your life, business and the planet. Price:  $25 Location: The Assemblage John Street, 17 John St.

      Friday, April 26th

      6:00pm Global Fest - a fundraiser to support fair trade

      With the help of our wonderful community and partners, we'll have live music, fashion presentations, light hors d'oeuvres, open bar (with signature fair trade cocktail), awards, and much much more. Don't miss out on this culminating event to Fashion Revolution Week! Price: $50 Location: LIM College 216 East 45th Street.

      Thursday, May 2nd

      10am - 5pm NYC TechDay

       The largest startup event in the US. Experience the latest technologies and discover revolutionary new startups. Listen to startup founders present live demos of their newest products and technologies. Gain insights from leading tech brands through Fireside Chats. Get unprecedented in-person access to the directors of top accelerator programs. Join a community of like-minded individuals with an interest in the tech ecosystem. Price: Free Location: Javits Center, Hall 1B - Enter on 11th Avenue between 37th and 38th Streets

      Saturday, May 4th

      Future Fashion Dumbo Opening

      DUMBO, BROOKLYN, NEW “Future Fashion : For People Who Love Life On Earth” sets out to create a space dedicated to dressing for good. From simple socks to glorious gowns – each designer strives to make fashion harmless. The focus is on those that through their design and manufacturing work, imagine a world where we can all make a living without destroying life on earth. Featured companies, organizations, and designers include Field to Fragrance, GAS with Cocccon, Imane Ayissi, Maggie’s Organics, Mara Haseltine, TL Brooke, and Xoomba.  Price: Free Location: 52 Bridge Street Brooklyn, NY

      Thursday, May 9th

      5:00pm – 9:00pm FashionHub "Future of Fashion Conference"

      FashionHub is, May 9th, 2019. Join us to learn how technology is becoming the catalyst for personalization of fashion & beauty solutions and discover the latest new products from innovative brands.FashionHub comprises fashion show by 4 designers, speakers panel led by experts in the space, digital presentations and a tabletop expo by leading brands. It is an event and opportunity to connect with the creative experts and forward-thinking fashion & beauty tech community. I will be speaking at this event about Textile future and Sustainable supply chain. Price: $29 Location: LIM College, 216 E 45th St

      Monday, May 13th

      7:00pm - 9:00pm Balanced Fashion: Blockchain for Circularity & Transparency in Fashion Industry (RSVP + enquire more info via email:

      Fashion industry is one of the most polluting, unethical and non-sustainable industries and it desperately needs to embrace new ways of operation, that includes incorporating blockchain technology into the fashion product cycle to provide transparency and traceability of the supply chain, maintain digital wardrobes and boost emerging sharing economy, secure IP rights and authenticity for fashion designers, enable efficient omnichannel communications, provide novel ways of funding collections - here are some of the opportunities.

      Come to our "Blockchain for Circularity & Transparency in Fashion Industry" event at The Assemblage to learn more about the way Blockchain can bring much upgrade to the fashion system and make it more circular, transparent and sustainable for our Planet. Our panel of experts are going to shed light on the value behind these technologies in the context of fashion. With Neliana Fuenmayor, founder of A Transparent Company. More panelists will be confirmed soon. Price: $15-$30 Location: The Assemblage Nomad, 114 E 25th St

      Monday, May 20th

      NYC FTC Sustainable Fashion Community Meeting at LIM College 2019

      Join the NYC Fair Trade Coalition every 3rd Monday of the month for an evening of planning, organizing, and collaboration. Learn how to get involved and push the sustainable fashion movement forward! Price: $8 Location: LIM College, 216 E 45th st 


      • The Mercer Club - Rental company targeting the streetwear crowd
      • Fabricant - A digital fashion house leading the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing

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